Is my child old enough to play?

League Age Information

UpdatedFriday February 5, 2021 by GYBSL Board.

What is my son or daughters "League Age" and why is it important?

League age is a players age as of a specific calendar date during the year of play (August 31st for TBall, April 30th for Baseball, and January 1st for Softball). A players league age may not reflect their actual age at the time of registration, and as such can often times lead to confusion regarding what level a child can play at or if a parent should even sign their child up to play at all.

GYBSL follows the Age Requirements set forth by Babe Ruth Baseball and Babe Ruth Softball. A breakdown of League Ages can be found in the links below:



It is important to note that for TBall, any player that will turn 4yo on or before August 31, 2021 can play this season. This allows older 3yos the ability to play ahead of turning 4yo.

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