2020 Season Update (Coronavirus Update)

Since the Governors announcement our team has been working with Babe Ruth Baseball, the City of Gardner, and our surrounding area towns regarding how and when we can hold a baseball/softball season this summer. Below please find our current plan as well as a link to a required online form we are asking everyone to complete.

Start of Minor Events (Evaluations, practices, etc.): June 15th at the earliest – Start of Phase 2

Start of Major Events (Games): July 6th at the earliest – Start of Phase 3

Baseball Evaluations (Major & Minors Only): Scheduled for June 16th from 5pm to 8pm (Rainout date June 18th)A separate email will be sent out to parents with players the need to attend.

End of Season: August 23rd

There will be no opening day or closing day ceremonies this year. End of season awards will be handed out by the coaches at the end of the season.

Add dates above are based on the Governor approving the start of each phase, therefore these dates are subject to change.

MINIMUM GUIDELINES: (Please note that additional guidelines may be required by the City and State once the phase 2 and 3 guidelines have been announced)

  1. No handshaking/celebrations: Players and coaches are to refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.
  2. Only two (2) players MAXIMUM in the dugout at one time, while also following 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times. Remaining players & coaches will be positioned down the left & right field lines (off playing field & outside of fence). Players will be seated or stand no less than 6’ apart.
    1. GYBSL will be marking designated locations for each player to stand or sit.
    2. Each team must always have at least one (1) Coach or volunteer to watch over players in this area for the Major and Minor levels.
    3. At the Rookie and Tball Level we will be requiring each players parent to assist in keeping their player at their designated dugout position.
  3. Players should limit any sharing of playing equipment, bats, gloves, fielder’s mask, catcher’s gear, helmets, water bottles etc. Baseballs and Softballs should be cleaned whenever possible and an adequate supply should be on hand.
    1. Players shall always leave their personal equipment at their designated dugout position, when not in use.
    2. Players are not to touch or use any other players equipment.
    3. At the Major & Minor Levels all players are required to have their own personal glove, helmet, and bat. The only shared equipment will be Catchers gear (to be sanitized prior to changing players).
    4. At the TBall & Rookie Levels all players are required to have their own personal glove. A bat and helmet will be assigned to each player at the start of each Tball & Rookie game, for use during that game. Assigned bats & helmets will be returned to the coach at the end of the game and cleaned prior to the next teams use. GYBSL strongly encourages all players to purchase their own bat and helmet for this year; however, this is not a requirement.
  4. All participants (Players, Umpires, Coaches, and Volunteers) should wear some type of face covering while at the field and may be required to do so while at any games. If a player chooses to wear additional PPE, they may do so as long as it does not compromise the safety of other players.
    1. GYBSL is still working with the City regarding local requirements for player face coverings. We will seek lessening this requirement for younger players (T-Ball / Rookie), and for some positional fielders at the higher levels.
    2. Please be advised that for the Baseball and Softball teams that travel, requirements for face coverings may differ at other surrounding towns.
  5. Cleaning supplies, as well as hand sanitizer, should be available in the dugout area.
  6. Parents are to have backup supplies in the player’s equipment bag for use when needed and their own marked water bottle or sports drink. No team or dugout coolers are permitted.
  7. Cleaning and sanitation of common areas between games or activities will be performed. Each team will be responsible to clean out and wipe down dugout or other field areas that they were in prior to leaving the playing field.
  8. Limit the number of fans to one (1) spectator per player attending games in the park. (This may be adjusted to 2 fans with Gardner BOH approval, once additional State guidance has been provided for phase 2 and 3 guidelines).
  9. Allow for greater gaps in between games to help limit the number of people at the park at one time.
  10. Fans attending games must follow 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times. GYBSL will be using painted markings to identify areas where spectators can stand or set up chairs. We ask that you follow the markings, as spectator involvement in this plan is extremely important to the Gardner Board of Health. If spectators do not follow the guidelines we will be required to shut down.
  11. Any player, or person not feeling well, should not attend games or practices.
  12. Proper signage will be posted at the field regarding guidelines provided by local and state health officials.
  13. Pregame conference will be limited to one (1) Coach per team and one (1) Umpire. Social distancing of 6’ is required.
  14. The use of candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds is not permitted by players, coaches, umpires or spectators.
  15. Batting lineup changes will be limited to communicating from a distance that maintains the 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times.
  16. Each team will be required to keep track and report all of the players, coaches, umpires or spectator’s names that are at the park for each game.

Additional Rookie & TBall Guidelines:

  1. Game are going to take place on Sunday (rather than Saturday) at Salvador Field (on Mechanic Street).
  2. Games will be played one after another from 8am to 3pm (each game will be 1 hour, with a half hour in-between).
  3. Games will use two sets of base paths, one for runners and one for fielders (spaced approximately 6’ apart).
  4. At the Tball level Parents will be required to participate during the practice and games, as directed by the Coaches. Parents will need to help during fielding drills for throwing and Catching with their child and may be asked to stand with their child in the field or on the base paths.

Please understand that these guidelines may be added to, change or be adjusted by the Gardner Board of Health and the State of Massachusetts once additional information regarding phase 2 and phase 3 becomes available.

Below please find the link to our GYBSL 2020 Summer Season Confirmation form. All registered participants must fill out this form to be eligible to play or toe be eligible for the chance to opt-out and be refunded your registration fees.

GYBSL 2020 Summer Season Confirmation Form

We genuinely appreciate everyone’s patients throughout this pandemic, here at GYBSL we believe that we have turned a corner and are excited at the chance to get the kids back on the playing field during this summer.

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